Hide/Disable Facebook Seen Using Facebook Unseenly Chrome Extension


Good news! We’re launching a new Google Chrome extension called Unseenly which can hide or disable seen feature on both Facebook Chat and Messenger for web. This Unseenly app for chrome is all you need for Facebook chat privacy while you chat your friends or family members. So what exactly is Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension? What will this Unseenly Facebook app

So what exactly is Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension? What will this Unseenly Facebook app do? Let’s drive deep to know completely about Facebook unseen Chrome extension.

Why Facebook Unseenly Google Chrome Extension

With the increase in the usage of Facebook activity these days, many people are spending a lot of time on chatting. It may be kids, young or adults, Facebook chat is their one of the mode of communication. Recently Facebook introduced “Seen” feature in chat which is a nightmare for many introverts out there and the Facebook chat privacy is now at huge risk.

Don’t know why? Let me explain about Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension.

You might be getting a lot of messages to your Facebook inbox and you may not able to reply all of them immediately. So you’ll just read the message and reply to them only if the message seems important for you else you’ll ignore the message and reply them later when you have free time. But the people on opposite side will start misunderstanding you because they can know when you have seen the message and when you replied them.

You can not lie to them that you didn’t see the message. Because of this issue, many relations are getting spoiled and a lot of misunderstandings developed between good friends and lovers.

To save people from this situation we developed a Google Chrome extension called Facebook Unseenly which can disable this killer “Seen” feature in Facebook chat and messenger.

All you have to do it just installing this Unseenly Chrome extension and you are good to go.

Features of Facebook Unseenly Chrome Extension

Unseenly Facebook extension is very simple and straightforward. We have provided a link to get Unseenly app for chrome at the end of the article and you need to go the Chrome web store using that link to download the Unseenly Chrome extension.

Unseenly Chrome Extension
Unseenly Features

The main benefit of this Unseenly Facebook extension is it will prevent your friend from knowing the time when you see or opened a message. In other words, even if you open or see their message, their Facebook chat will show as you didn’t see/opened the message. Hope you got the point.

Another plus point of this Facebook unseen chrome extension is, you don’t need to do anything after installing the extension. It will be activated by default and do it’s work automatically.

You can easily deactivate the extension just by tapping Unseenly Facebook icon without deleting it completely.

This Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension will work on following sites of Facebook.

Drawbacks of Unseenly Facebook Chrome Extension

No product in the world is perfect. Almost all products will have minor to major bugs which should be ignored by the user to enjoy the remaining awesome features. In the same way, even Unseenly Facebook Chrome extension also had one minor bug.

The bug is, after installing the Unseenly extension, even after reading your messages, Facebook will show them as unread. You need to manually mark them as read if you want to do it.

This is the only known bug so far we identified and also we’re working very hard to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows to disable seen feature in Facebook chat.

Currently, Unseenly Facebook extension is not available for Firefox and we’ll try to release it very soon.

Changelogs of Unseenly App (Chrome Extension)

We’re maintaining the detailed changelog with dates for Unseenly app Chrome extension to help our user to know about the changes and the latest version of Unseenly app extension.

This Unseenly Facebook Chrome extension is mainly developed to protect Facebook chat privacy and we took extreme measures to make Unseenly extension bug free.

Unseenly App changelogs

Download and Install Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension [Free]

So, are you interested in using our Unseenly Chrome extension right? Sounds good, you can download and install Unseenly Facebook Chrome extension from here.

Conclusion about Unseenly Facebook Google Chrome Extension

Hope you like our Facebook Unseenly extension and it helps you in protecting Facebook chat privacy and save your relationships. If you like our Unseenly Facebook Google Chrome extension, don’t forget to rate 5 stars in the web store and also if you have any feedback/question/bugs about Unseenly app then do drop a comment below and we’ll try our best to fix Unseenly Chrome extension.