How to Turn Off Seen Feature on Facebook and Messenger using Unseenly


There are many people searching for a way to turn off seen feature on Facebook chat and to protect Facebook chat privacy. There is no rule that you need to reply to your received message immediately. But people on another side might not understand this and start misunderstanding for your late replies even after seeing their message.

Recently there is an extension called FB Unseen which can disable the seen feature and prevent other from knowing when you read or seen their message. But from the last couple of weeks, many negative reviews started for FB Unseen on Chrome web store for some reasons and people hating this extension all of a sudden.

But don’t worry, there is another extension called Facebook Unseenly which will do the same work of hiding the seen feature in Facebook and messenger. Are you ready to know about this Facebook Unseenly app and how Unseenly works and where to download Facebook Unseenly extension for free of cost? Without further ado, let’s get started.

Facebook Unseenly Chrome Extension

Chrome extension to hide Facebook seen feature to preserve Facebook chat privacy

Here is the detailed guide about Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension to disable the seen feature.

Step 1: Download the Unseenly extension

Facebook Unseenly is an alternative for FB Unseen extension to hide seen feature on FB chat and messenger and to safeguard Facebook chat privacy. You can download the Facebook Unseenly app for Chrome using the download link below.

To unlock the download link for Facebook Unseenly app, you need to either share it on Facebook or Google Plus or tweet it. By doing any one of these three, the download link for Unseenly will be unlocked and you can proceed to step 2 after downloading the Unseenly.

Thank you for sharing the guide to hide Facebook seen feature using Unseenly. As promised here is the download link to Chrome store to download Unseenly extension.

Step 2: Install Unseenly extension to turn off Facebook seen

After clicking the link provided in step 2, you will be taken to Chrome store page where you will see more details about the extension.

From that page, you can see the “ADD TO CHROME” button on the top right corner of the screen.

Install Unseenly
Click ADD TO CHROME button

You need to click that “ADD TO CHROME” button to install the Unseenly extension to hide seen feature. Unseenly extension will be added automatically to your browser and it is ready to use

Step 3: Using Unseenly Extension to protect Facebook chat privacy

Once, Facebook Unseenly extension is added to your Chrome browser; you’ll see the Unseenly icon in the extension list of the browser. Unseenly is activated by default and it is ready to disable the seen feature in both Facebook chat and

If you already opened or or please refresh the page before using the Unseenly extension. After refreshing the page, Unseenly app will work as normal.

Tips to use Unseenly Chrome extension

Facebook Unseenly is a simple Chrome extension with few or no options to configure. But we decided to provide some useful tips for using Unseenly extension to hide Facebook seen.

Tip 1: 

Don’t think Unseenly will work only on Unseenly Facebook app for Chrome will also work on, and

Tip 2: 

Normally most of the Chrome extensions will not give any option to temporarily disable the extension. But Facebook Unseenly app is built with an easy toggle switch. All you have to do is just click the Unseenly app icon from the extension list to turn it off and on.

Check the below image for better understanding of Unseenly extension toggle switch work to turn off Facebook seen in chat and messenger.

How to turn off Unseenly extension
Turn On/Off Unseenly just by clicking the icon once

Tip 3: 

Unseenly is completely free and safe to hide Facebook seen feature. Don’t panic about your privacy and security. This extension is developed to protect your Facebook chat privacy but not to compromise it.

Tip 4: 

Currently Unseenly app is available only for Chrome. But it is expected that Unseenly will be available for Safari, Firefox, iPhone and Android as Facebook seen Safari, Facebook seen Firefox, Facebook seen iPhone and Facebook seen Android respectively.

Tip 5: 

You need to mark the messages are read manually once you install the Facebook Unseenly extension, else all your messages will show as unread.

Tip 6:

You can find the changelogs for Unseenly app to know what changed in recent updates here at Unseenly changelogs

Conclusion about Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension

We rate Facebook Unseenly 4.5 out of 5. Unseenly is the only chrome extension available today in the store to hide Facebook seen option without any unwanted pop-ups and malware. If you are really concerned about Facebook chat privacy, then you should immediately install this Facebook Unseenly Chrome extension.