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How to Turn Off Seen Feature on Facebook and Messenger using Unseenly

There are many people searching for a way to turn off seen feature on Facebook chat and messenger.com to protect Facebook chat privacy. There is no rule that you need to reply to your...
Unseenly Changelogs and FAQ's

Facebook Unseenly Chrome Extension [Changelogs and FAQ]

In our previous article about Unseenly Chrome extension, we discussed in detail about the use of Unseenly app, Benefits of Unseenly Facebook extension and also Drawbacks of Unseenly extension for Chrome. If you are here...
Introducing Unseenly Chrome Extension

Hide/Disable Facebook Seen Using Facebook Unseenly Chrome Extension

Good news! We’re launching a new Google Chrome extension called Unseenly which can hide or disable seen feature on both Facebook Chat and Messenger for web. This Unseenly app for chrome is all you...
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